Reframing Failure: Our Journey Continues

How many women connect with the idea of celebrating failure? What does the full customer journey look like for an ATX Fail Club member? These are the questions we tackled this week.

Since our last update…

  • We crafted social media posts to test our messaging and gauge the number of women open to celebrating failure. We shared posts from Spanx CEO Sara Blakely about the way she has reframed failure to be a positive. Our Instagram post was the most successful receiving 17 “likes” in one day. These posts drove 6 new users to our website where 1 person signed up.
  • We also met and fleshed out what the ideal customer journey might look like. Starting when a woman first discovers the club and ending when she is fully engaged and helping to grow and spread the venture.

Failure_Jounrney Map

  • Another accomplishment was getting our event registration and purchase options ironed out on the website. We previously had it set up through an app in the site for people to register, but the payment options were not ideal. This week we created an event on Eventbrite and integrated this into our website for the April failure dinner.
  • Lastly, we created first drafts of the mission, vision, and goals of our business. We think these will be useful on our website to better explain what the club is about, and help us moving forward align our decisions more closely to the goals and outcomes we hope to achieve with ATX Fail Club.

Lessons Learned:

  • Time flies when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities. This week other obligations and things coming up caused us to reevaluate our initial plans. Next week, we hope to front-load more to schedule and get all the necessary supporting materials lined up early on to make this less likely to repeat itself.
  • We shared a video on facebook and twitter, and an image on Instagram with the image receiving more interaction. Either, image posts are more impactful than videos in gaining traction, or Instagram is a better way to engage with our audience on social media. Facebook still appears to be the best way to drive users to our website with 4/6 new users coming from Facebook and 2 from Instagram.

Our Next Big Question:

Test reactions to our newly drafted mission and goals. Are these relevant for our target audience?

Now we’ve got to…

  • Outline a clear testing plan for this week so that we can divide and conquer.
  • Define what our goals and metrics are for testing and how we will know if we are successful.
  • Begin soliciting sponsors for our April event.

One way you can help right now is…

  • Contact us if you have a lead on a sponsor we should reach out to. Ideally, food/drink/space/swag-related for a group of 8-15 women in April. Our emails are,, and
  • Sign up for a 20-minute video-call feedback session to offer input on our concept. You will answer a series of questions and conduct a short activity and there will be time at the end of the session for additional feedback. Click here to sign up.