Welcome to the Failureverse

What does the ATX Fail Club ecosystem look like? What will we include in our narrative pitch for Saturday?

Since our last update…

  • We crafted a social media post to publicize our upcoming April 19th dinner party for the pilot. We were interested to see how effective this would be in actually generating interest/sign ups/follows for the club itself as well as engaging people to purchase tickets to an upcoming event. We shared this post on the ATX Fail Club social channels, as well as reposting to some of our own social accounts. The post received 12 likes on instagram, and brought 16 users to our website. 8 new people signed up for our email list and 4 people bought tickets for the May dinner event.
  • We also built out the offerings that we envision falling under the umbrella of the ATX Fail Club offerings, and created a low fidelity concept map of these.
  • Lastly, we built out our first draft of our pitch presentation and narrative, and presented it on Saturday. We received a lot of great feedback to keep tweaking this over the next few weeks before we present our final presentation at the end of April.
ATX Fail Club Ecosystem
ATX Fail Club Ecosystem

Lessons Learned:

  • Not every artifact needs to be built out to higher fidelity levels. We focused this week on making lower fidelity artifacts to help us synthesize some ideas we’ve had. Later we can always refine these further if they will be useful to share with a wider audience, but this helped us to keep moving forward.
  • We have a lot of great ideas for the next iteration of our pitch presentation, but one of those is to draw a clearer distinction linking the stories we heard in our impostorim research to the broader goal of reframing failure. We also would like to include how our organization fits in with and will address some of the current relevant cultural emphasis on women’s empowerment.

Our Next Big Question:

What is our hypothesis for ATX Fail Club’s “magic moment(s)”? What interaction(s)/touchpoint(s) will let our target audience experience these magic moment(s)?

Now we’ve got to…

  • Further define how we will proceed with piloting our concept.
  • Continue recruiting sponsors, and publicizing our upcoming events
  • Identify potential magic moments, and create a method for integrating them into our pilot for testing.

One way you can help right now is…