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Aspiration Design Brief: The Journey to User Success

This blog post update represents the culmination of our work in Designing Digital Interfaces and Product Management. For those of you who are new to the AC4D blog, this journey began when I selected a bank and redesigned its banking app to better serve users. I conducted user testing to improve usability and integrated financial modeling into my app design. Most recently, I met with a developer to estimate costs and created a road map to bring my design to fruition.

The design strategy feature brief pulls all of these pieces together. It is a concise overview that summarizes my product vision and articulates why the components that I have designed are valuable to the users. These documents are generally used with stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page when moving forward with a design vision. Below I will walk you through the main pieces of my Aspiration design brief which can be read in its entirety here.

Aspiration is an online financial firm based in California which offers socially responsible banking products and services. This brief describes the journey to design the most intuitive, accessible, and fulfilling mobile experience for Aspiration users via the new Aspiration App. Following this roadmap will increase the wallet share of Aspiration by offering a fully functional app to complement existing online banking services.

The Aspiration app product design is grounded in these three behavioral insights:

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Based on these research insights, I crafted the below value promise for Aspiration users:

The Aspiration Promise

After aligning stakeholders through a shared value promise, I offered a roadmap by which we could achieve our vision together. At a high level, the roadmap overviews three main releases of the Aspiration App, with each new release delivering additional functionality and features.

IDSE401_Aspiration Design Brief_Page_08_sm

Click here to view the Aspiration Design Brief in its entirety.