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dev school v2.

Good management is 360°—for the first half of the quarter, we tackled managing internal processes: How do we take a product (and a team) from concept to ship-ready artifact, on deadline? This week, we tackled the external-facing aspects of management: Showing, and selling, what we built to others.

A feature brief shares some things in common with a pitch deck: A successful feature brief will have a good value proposition, a clear mission, and viable ways to achieve it. Like a pitch deck, you’ll be showing people that there are users for this product; that you know something about what they need; and that the thing you’ve just built resolves this need.

But unlike a pitch deck, which is usually honed to a very particular audience, a feature brief is designed to translate to anyone, anywhere—so it needs a bit more technicality and “show me hows.” A good feature brief will share the high-level value of what your product is, and how it works. It should be equally compelling, understandable, and believable to the higher-ups in your own company and to a stranger on the street.

This week, we presented our feature briefs as printed and bound products. See my whole brief here.