Failure is hard, sharing it is good

Since our last update…

  • We met and discussed the feedback from our presentation last week and further defined our success metrics.
  • We posted a personal and current story of failure to Instagram stories and over half of our followers viewed it to the end and we got several positive responses.
  • From that story we gained a few new insights, primarily that knowing that failure is a part of success does not lessen the pain of a perceived failure. Only in sharing that story with others does the pain lessen.
  • Lastly, we sent out our first newsletter introducing ourselves and our mission and promoting our next dinner. And within hours we had 2 more people sign up!

Lessons Learned:

  • From our presentation feedback we learned that our stories from the field don’t connect with the ATX Fail Club offerings as well as we thought they did. That is a narrative we’ll have to work on over the next 3 weeks.
  • Our high-risk assumptions and ways to test those assumptions are too generic and we need to look closer at defining the values our participants will be getting out of this particular solution.

Our Next Big Questions:

Can we get sponsors to cover 75% of the costs of the dinner? And believe in the mission enough to want to sustain it?

What other channels can we create to help people share their failures in the moment vs. waiting for a dinner?

Now we’ve got to…

  • Focus on ticket sales/promotion on the next dinner as it’s 2 weeks away
  • Continue recruiting sponsors
  • Identify potential magic moments, and create a method for integrating them into our pilot for testing
  • Look into what other parts of the Failureverse can we pilot now, alongside the dinner

One way you can help right now is…