FundEDU Weekly Update

Kim, Kay, and I have been piloting FundEDU for a little over a week now, and so far the pilot student’s campaign page has received only 9 unique visitors. One of the assumptions we are testing is whether or not students will be willing to share their campaign with their network. However, sharing a crowdfunding campaign is more than just blasting out a URL over social media; it’s giving people a glimpse into a personal struggle. This requires a great amount of humility and vulnerability.  We will be conducting a follow-up meeting with our pilot student to learn about his experience with the product and how he felt sharing the campaign with his network.

Our goal is to create a place for those who need to bridge a financial gap in pursuit of their education. Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe are crowded with campaigns born of some great tragedy in the campaigner’s life. It’s not rare for people to look to their community in times of crisis, but how might we help those in the absence of tragedy? This is where we believe FundEDU sets itself apart in the market.

FundEDU will function much like competitor crowdfunding sites: make a campaign, share it with your network, manage your donations. But FundEDU will simultaneously seek bulk donations from businesses and distribute the funds equitably among those students whose networks are unable to provide the level financial backing needed. We are currently working on a system for the way business donations will be allocated.

We believe everybody is worthy of the level of education they seek. We invite all readers to come to the AC4D Final Presentation next Saturday (April 27th) to see our FundEDU pitch.