Let Me Be Brief

Our banking app journey has come to an end, but not without one last deliverable: the feature brief. In developing a feature brief we needed to be able to quickly and clearly translate the value promise, the why, and the how of the product to the reader without necessarily being there to present it. This also meant a printed and bound deliverable.

Click the the image below to view the feature brief I created for the Candid Banking App.

Click to view the full feature brief
Click to view the full feature brief

Things I learned:

  • The same elements that work in a slide presentation do not necessarily translate to a printed presentation for individuals. For example, slide builds are great in live presentations, but annoying to flip through on paper if it’s just a visual build without descriptor text on each page.
  • Printing is finite, and tricky. When I printed all 115 pages of my brief (5 copies) I found that there were some pages that had elements that were invisible when viewed on my computer, but very clearly there when printed. I will be printing test copies next time before going all in on multiples.
  • I also got feedback that quotes and pictures of real people are important and would have made the insight section more impactful and added more credibility to the brief.