Mentorship Pilot

We launched our pilot this week! Our time over the past week has been spent on recruiting & matching mentor-mentee pairs and developing the facilitation resources for mentors and mentees unique to our solution.

Since our last update…

  • We recruited 3 mentors and 3 mentees, created matches based upon logistics (location, schedule), and set up meetings for the pairs
  • Designed an activity for the first meeting between mentors and mentees to provide an introduction and set goals
  • Designed an activity for the second meeting focused on identifying multiple paths to solve a problem
  • Created a short feedback form for mentors and mentees to complete after their first meeting
  • 2 mentor-mentee pairs had first meetings (the third pair meets Saturday afternoon)

Lessons learned

We received validating feedback from our first mentor-mentee pair following their first meeting and activity. The mentee not only felt more conscious of goals and the meeting served as a reinforcement. We received feedback indicating mutual engagement between the mentor and mentee:

“The conversations with [mentor] were great. I look forward to seeing her reach her goals as well as mine.”

Now we’ve got to

Schedule second meetings for mentor-mentee pairs
Schedule face-to-face follow-up interviews to speak with users (mentors and mentees)
Keep iterating on our final presentation

One way you can help

If you know a first-generation American college student who would like to participate in our pilot, we would love to speak with them.