Mobile Banking App Product Feature Brief

Over the past 2 quarters we have been workmen on building a banking app. We started with examining the architecture of existing banks with concept maps, building out screens, user testing our flows, meeting with developers to obtain sizing estimates and creating timelines for building and relating the app. Our final step is creating a design strategy and feature brief to illustrate why our product and strategy is valuable. The goal of the feature brief is to be a stand-alone document that can answer the questions of multiple stakeholders.  (complete brief available here)

Behavioral Insights

The app design is based upon 3 main insights:

Todays professionals are mobile and need access to financial services when  they are away from home. MB is a local Chicago without branch locations outside of the Chicagoland area, therefore it is essential to provide a secure mobile platform to fill in the gaps.401 MB Design Brief.004

During our user testing, security was a primary focus for clients. Traditionally, banks have been trusted institutions to deposit your money and valuables for safe keeping. Todays customers are worried about safekeeping of their identity and account data just as much as their physical assets. Our product must include multiple touchpoint to assure clients their trust is protected.401 MB Design Brief.005

The professional landscape is changing. Today’s professionals change jobs more frequently and are more likely to have more than one stream of income. Providing access to real time spending and budgeting capabilities will empower our users to take proactive steps toward a healthy financial future by monitoring the financial decisions they make day to day. 401 MB Design Brief.006

Value Proposition401 MB Design Brief value prop.001


The app will be built over a 150 day time frame with a first release occurring after 30 days and subsequent releases every 30 days. 401 MB Design Brief.008

The app releases begin with basic account access and expands into a tool for financial planning. 401 MB Design Brief.009

Below illustrates a detailed look at what features will be built for each release.401 MB Design Brief.010


Insta balance is an optional feature to provide a quick glance at account balances by using either your fingerprint or face-recognition software built into your mobile device. This feature allows a quick view of your account status without having to enter your password in public or over shared wi-fi networks that may be vulnerable. 401 MB Design Brief.016

The account home screen includes recent transactions,  further detail for each transaction includes a list of transactions by vendor, with notations of any abnormal spending. 401 MB Design Brief.017

Security is a priority, and our clients expressed concern when making mobile deposits via the camera on their mobile device. The deposit screen includes the photographic images taken by the customer of the front and back of the check. For added assurance, the account number and routing number of the check being deposited to your account is automatically populated into the deposit confirmation so that users can verify their photograph has acquired the proper details of the transaction. 401 MB Design Brief.018

The mobile banking app allows you access to the services you would find in your local bank branch and more. The app integrates the ability to send a friend money today, at a single future date, or on a recurring basis.

401 MB Design Brief.019


The feature brief will is the most critical tool in bringing our visions into reality but it can be a challenge to have foresight into the questions stakeholders outside your department will need answered. During our class discussion, each member of our small groups was assigned a role by Scott and provided a set of objectives. As the marketing director, I was interested in when this new feature would launch and how I could tie this into getting a bonus. When designing this brief, I never would have imagined my audience could be someone in marketing looking to position this launch into a raise for themselves. This was a helpful introduction to creating a product feature brief.