Promoting Failure


Jen, Laura and I launched ATX Fail Club to reframe failure as growth and empower more women to persist and succeed. We do this by cultivating communities in which women are encouraged to share and celebrate failure.

Since our last update:

  • We drafted a sponsorship ask email to send to local businesses explaining what ATX Fail Club is about. We are using this email to test the assumption that local businesses will want to align with our mission and vision and market to our members through in-kind and/or financial sponsorship.
  • We created a list of 87 sponsor prospects and reached out to 25 about sponsoring the April pilot dinner or future events. So far we’ve heard back from six businesses, secured one sponsor for the April dinner, and an offer to host a future event in May.
  • To promote the pilot we have posted on our ATX Fail Club social media accounts and personal accounts explaining what attendees can expect at the dinner. These posts have resulted in 21 visitors to our website, 2 new email list sign-ups, and very positive interactions and feedback.
  • Lastly, we made updates to our website to include our new sponsor, mission, and vision.

Lessons Learned:

  • Sponsorship requests take time and doing them sooner rather than later is better. We’ve learned that many businesses have budgeted amounts for community giving and are allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • We learned how to set up a team in Canva to create, share and modify social media posts so we can all be working on promotions with continuity.
  • We iterated upon the current version of our final presentation to incorporate the feedback we heard last week.

Our Next Big Questions:

  • How can we measure the impact of ATX Fail Club for our members?
  • How can we design these experiences to scale beyond Austin?

Now we’ve got to:

  • Coordinate the logistics for the upcoming pilot and organize all the needed materials.
  • Identify potential magic moments, and create a method for integrating them into our pilot for testing.
  • Continue refining our presentation narrative and artifacts.

One way you can help right now is: