An AC4D Orientation Week Musing

Freedom is hard to navigate if you have never had it before. During freedoms of my own I’ve felt myself discovering that there is no north or south anymore. Right or wrong is out the window, and questions may make your freedom harder to navigate. Throughout the week we’ve been asked to act on unfamiliarity on the spot. It reminds of times where people shout, “Do a kickflip!” at skateboarders as they drive by in a car.

One of our teachers suggested to bid farewell to family and friends for the next while as we will be swallowed with the program. Upon hearing that I feel that I felt that I am supposed to be here. I feel relieved to be somewhere that asks you to bring and use what you know already to a situation but forget all of it at the same time.

I learned you can’t please everyone. Especially employees of food trucks, at two o clock in the afternoon, in Austin, Texas during the month of August. I learned I have to practice silence, listening and comfort. I’m scared, un-prepared, excited, and ready. I learned that a Tuesday afternoon can generate a whole bunch of post it’s, and some really amazing (and not so amazing) ideas.