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Actually… the loudest mike drop

Reflections. Iterations. Metaphors to make sense of reality & wanting to just put something good out there in the world….

We are done, sort of. We, in not the royal sense but the sense of all of the amazingly intelligent and thoughtful individuals I have been graced to spend the last 9ish months of my life theorizing with, inquiring with, brainstorming and being honest and open with with none of the hard feelings of one who may not be terribly familiar with the idea of a critique of your work. 

This blog post is not necessarily intended to be THE intellectual article that will be posted in any journal, ever,  but a real reflection on the magnitude of the experience that is the Austin Center for Design. So lets start with this Jon character. Ok.. what? Can I say badass on a blog? Is that a thing? Insert bleep if necessary. And Pat and Matt I mean come one who’s brain functions as fast as Matt Franks.. anyone? Seriously, anyone? Pat will always have a special place in my heart as a fellow artist. That guy can not only create a scenario out of the blue in about 5min but but make 10 slides of great  animation to go along with it. 

Needless to say, the combo of the amazing team we had and the amazing professors lead to an amazing year. With teams that made REAL THINGS!! Real helpful socially conscious products that could be fabricated and put into the world, ad actually work!

Me, I have a lot of thinking to do. As the sole group of me myself and I (that means it was just me) I admittedly will have a difficult time both making my thing real while working to pay the mortgage but it is nothing that I am not used to so, I am giving a go. 

My next post will be the academic what I made and how it had impact post, for now. I am still reveling in the fact that I even made it out alive. I do reflect on if I had a real team to back this thing up and what it “could have been” but that’s all I can do. What is done is done and I am pretty proud of myself for not getting teary eyed as I looked into the audience of our final presentation and saw “that look” on my moms face when I was talking about where our family had come from. 

PKT (please keep talking- Jon hates it but whatever) has a long road ahead. Non-profits, business plans, fabrication and dealing with HIPPA. We shall see but I’m 100%. This actually did mean a lot to me.

And this is the loudest mike drop.

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