Matt Franks

Matt Franks

Austin Center for Design

Matt is an interaction designer at MyEdu. He was previously Senior Interaction Designer at frog design and the co-owner of Monster Feet design consultancy. Prior to working at frog, Matt was a hybrid interaction / product designer for Target Corporation. His work ranges from mobile systems for both handsets and tablets, to entertainment experiences for TV, web, and video.  In the past 4 years, he has released over 400 products and services into the market.

Matt spends his free time exploring the intersection of digital and physical objects. An avid believer in the MAKE movement, he is continually experimenting with intelligent objects that challenge people’s understanding of technology.

Matt earned his BFA in Industrial Design, with a focus on Interaction Design, from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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@Franknatic: @AmericanAir yes. Told them I'd pay the fair difference, but asked if they could waive change fee. They quoted the 24hr rule. :(

@Franknatic: @AmericanAir "Taking the time to understand our customers problems before telling them how to do it better next time" - #goingforgreat

@Franknatic: @AmericanAir A great feature! doesn't help when you've made purchase but selected the wrong day and didn't realize it. different user error

@Franknatic: @AmericanAir so you have a nice brand promise, but it feels shallow when it isn't backed up

@Franknatic: @AmericanAir true, but arbitrary. Not sure all mistakes are realized in 24hrs. A hard stop doesn't feel like #goingforgreat

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