Alumni Success: Salary, Placement & Happiness

We track success of our alumni based on autonomy: we hope our graduates are doing what they want to do, and have gained the skills, attitude, and network to attain their dreams. More specifically, we track employment, salary, and happiness for our alumni.

Last updated July, 2015.


AC4D has graduated 40 total alumni, and we have a 100% response rate for our annual alumni success survey. Note that some alumni elected not to reveal their salary information, so the numbers below do not total to 40.

  • 87.5% of our alumni are professionally employed in design related careers (35 alumni)
  • 34 of our alumni are working in salaried positions; of these salaried alumni:
    • The mean salary is $86,239.80
    • The median salary is $$89,626.68
    • The standard deviation is $30,021.33

  • 3 of our alumni are working in an hourly capacity (freelance or contract); of these hourly alumni:
    • The mean hourly rate is $81/hour
    • The median hourly rate is $75/hour
    • The standard deviation is $15/hour


  • 85% of our alumni are "happy in their current role" (34 alumni)
  • Alumni responded to the question "How much did your experience at AC4D contribute to your professional success or happiness, on a scale of 1-7, where 7 is the highest" as follows:
    • The mean response is 5.95 out of 7
    • The median response is 6.0 out of 7
    • The standard deviation is 1.22
  • The qualitative feedback from our alumni indicate that they are challenged, fulfilled, and empowered; students said:
    • "I work closely with highly talented folks on fast-paced projects that force us to draw on a wide range of skills: it's exactly what I signed up for. Working in a small, growing agency that handles large clients with complex problems is great recipe for professional development."
    • "I'm working for an early stage social enterprise where my skills are much-needed, my role is both fluid and challenging, and my work can have a significant impact for both the business and most importantly, its users."
    • "Absolutely. I'm currently in a position where I'm learning something new about design every single day."
    • "Yes. My goal was to find an industry in which creativity, technology and passion are the primary tools used to solve problems and move the world in the right direction. Thrilled to have found it."


Our alumni have the following titles:

  • Associate Experience Designer
  • Associate, Interaction Design
  • Design Researcher
  • Design Strategist
  • Designer
  • Director of Product
  • Director, Product Delivery
  • Experience Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Lead Designer
  • Lead Interaction Designer
  • Photographer
  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Senior Design Researcher and Strategist
  • Senior Designer
  • Senior Interaction Designer
  • Senior UX Analyst
  • Senior Manager
  • Strategy + Co-design Associate
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • UX Engineer
  • UX UI Designer
  • Value Designer