Project By Cheyenne Weaver, Diana Griffin

Girls Guild

Introducing GirlsGuild

GirlsGuild is a service that offers apprenticeships for girls, by girls. We connect girls and women with artists and makers to build a supportive, collaborative community.

We define apprenticeship as more hands-on than a “mentorship”, and more equitable than an “internship”. In an apprenticeship, a maker works one-on-one with a girl interested in learning the skills of her craft. It’s about getting real world understanding of a maker’s work and lifestyle, and building some serious skills in a particular area of making.


Our value promise

We promise to help you gain self confidence through making.


About GirlsGuild

GirlsGuild, a social enterprise formed in Austin, Texas in 2012, exists as a platform to connect pre-teen and teenage girls with artists/makers in their area through structured apprenticeships. These apprenticeships could span a diverse set of fields such as art, traditional craft, design, architecture, engineering, software development, or any other field of making, whether tangible or digital.

The GirlsGuild platform functions for girls, their parents, and local makers. The GirlsGuild platform helps girls locate a potential mentor in their area; understand their style of work; sign up for an apprenticeship; and describe the experiences they had with the maker. The platform helps parents identify an extra-curricular activity for their daughter; validate the maker; pay for the apprenticeship; and leave feedback for other parents. The platform also helps makers advertise their work; identify potential apprentices; communicate with their apprentices; and collect payment—GirlsGuild shares revenue generated with each maker involved. Ultimately, GirlsGuild serves to empower young girls by increasing their self-confidence, heightening their sense of control through tactile creation, developing their creative and critical thinking skills, and pairing them with a positive female mentor.