Aaron Moulton

Aaron is the co-founder of Malgam, an experience design consultancy. Previously Aaron was a Associate Creative Director at the global design firm, frog. He is an avid believer in the power of Design Research to provide fuel for the design process and provide designers with deeper ways to understand a problem. His most frequent projects were digital-physical Experience Design programs that investigate the relationship between humans, their digital tools and the changing role of brick-and-mortar’. His 5 years at frog developed him into a strong generalist and known for being someone to effectively bridge the gap between research and design.

Aaron has spent the past decade helping to craft beautiful products, systems and experiences of all types, from strategies for retail banking and apps for telecom giants to internal collaboration tools for large consulting companies. He is passionate about the power of rooting design in human stories and driving meaningful change by looking deeply at and interpreting the subtleties of human behavior. The fuzzy front-end of the process, where ideas and ambiguity reign, is his favorite part of Design.

Born in England, and now thoroughly ‘ Mid-Altantic’, Aaron earned his BFA, with a focus on Interaction Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.