Adam Chasen

Adam has been an educator for over 15 years. He has taught people around the world, from kindergarten through graduate school, including middle and high school math, English as a Second Language, and graduate education classes. Four years ago, Adam began leading design thinking workshops to help students, teachers and professionals develop creative confidence and growth mindsets. His life’s work so far has been to ensure all citizens are equipped with the skills to adapt to our ever-changing world. Now, he wants to transition to design in order to find ways to work at a different scale. He is inspired to design for social innovation and create a world where all people, no matter their circumstance, have access to services that lead to a higher quality life.

When not working, you can find Adam biking, climbing, photographing, eating quality food, and engrossed in philosophical conversations.

Adam has lived in Western Massachusetts, Montreal, South Korea, and Brooklyn. He is a world traveller and is excited to try living in the south for the first time.