Adam Niederpruem

Adam is a lifelong learner with a penchant for chicken wings, designing education programs, and making up songs.

Adam’s projects have spanned a variety of roles, but share common threads. He wants to give others (and himself) permission to be creative, be resourceful, and have better relationships with others and our environment. The result is most often a life-changing or life-affirming experience. Adam uses his background in behavior change, education, and entertainment to design these experiences.

He joins AC4D after working at the intersection of education and public health in Austin for the past eight years. Previously, he ran a youth improve comedy program, AP Comedy, and has lived and taught in Japan and Tanzania. Recently, his work has revolved around implementing environmental and health programs into schools through creative means. Adam joins AC4D in an effort to ground his practice with more structure, greater precision, in a team setting.

Adam is passionate about family, free nationwide Pre-K education, the Buffalo Bills, and de-politicizing issues with a “common ground” perspective. While he’s worried about his lack of formal design training, he’s pretty sure he can make it up to you with an 8-hour red sauce and a bowl of pasta.

You can see his work at