Brittany Sgaliardich

Brittany Sgaliardich is a visual problem-solver on a mission to design thoughtful products and services.

She studied Industrial and Systems Engineering and English at the University of Florida. While at school, she served as Creative Director of the TED affiliated, TEDxUF organization. With TEDx, she collaborated with a team to design and produce an annual conference devoted to sharing “ideas worth spreading.” Through her work with TEDx, Brittany discovered a passion for verbal and visual storytelling. She hopes to expand platforms, like TEDx, to people with less access to these resources. She believes diversity in thought is what powers innovation and creates a community where everyone can thrive.

Most recently, she traveled throughout the US to consult enterprise companies while working for a software company. Brittany’s background in engineering and technology fosters her appetite for optimizing processes, while her passion for communication helps illuminate simplicity in complex environments. Exploring both creative and technical spheres, she enjoys venturing outside her comfort zone to bridge the gap between these realms.

At AC4D, Brittany is excited to learn how empathy-driven design can be applied as a tool for creating meaningful dialogue between people and products. As a South Florida native, Brittany has witnessed shorelines erode, hurricanes intensify, and species become extinct. While the environment transformed around her, so did the perception of her personal impact and inherent responsibility. In her career, Brittany hopes to design human and digital interactions that create experiences with the potential for stimulating both societal and environmental progress.

Recent blog posts

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Design, Four Ways

Two weeks as an AC4D student down, but the reality of what it means to design has just begun to take shape. With the question of design’s role in society, we were tasked with making sense of the following pieces of literature.   Manipulating Public Opinion: The Why and The How by Edward L. Bernays Design with a Cause and Creativity vs. Conformity by Victor…

AC4D Orientation Diaries

Day 0.5. Couldn’t sleep much the night before the first day of orientation. It was 2 AM and even the humming of The Office’s dialogue failed to self-medicate as it loyally has before. The anticipation wasn’t a feeling I was completely unfamiliar to, but it did feel new. Day 1. “Make things, build empathy, trust…

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