Christina Davis

Christina has a diverse professional background, ranging from working in corporate development to guiding African safaris. While not principally a designer in these roles, Christina found enrichment by focusing on aspects of design in these roles: working with engineers to start a manufacturing plant, creating presentations on the interconnected design of ecosystems, and designing behavioral experiments while studying economics. She discovered her interest in how people interact with the world around them while studying interior design. Christina looks forward to making a difference in people’s lives by gaining design skills that help people on a larger scale.

Christina is a member of the Auxiliary Board at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, where she is passionate about its focus on education and conservation. She finds travel inspirational. In fact, Christina remembers first realizing the importance of design when comparing foreign cities to her own as a 7 year old abroad.

Christina currently resides is Chicago, where she was raised. She has lived in Minnesota, Arizona, South Africa, and Italy and looks forward to exploring Austin next.

Recent blog posts

Day Two: Field work

Our design lecture today began with an image of an Eames chair and and the day ended with small group discussions about our experience speaking with public transport patrons while riding the bus. Our day truly captured the evolution of design. I was also pleased to have the opportunity to explore bus routes on my…

Day 1 AC4D

Today we arrived at the new AC4D space where we were greeted with a big smile from Ruby at the front door. We met and chatted with our classmates and Ruby gave a thorough overview of the year, what we should expect, and what is expected from us. Whilst a lot of information, I was…

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