Cristina Suazo

Cristina received a bachelor’s degree in communications & rhetoric in 2015. Hailing from Long Island, she has spent the past two year in NYC exploring the intersection of food & society -from plant to plate. She has led tours on the largest rooftop urban farm, taught after school culinary classes, and managed operations at a meal subscription business. Dabbling in multiple facets of the food system, Cristina has the capacity to understand the breadth and depth of a disciple. She applies this same intersectional approach to any decision making process.

Cristina comes to AC4D to wrestle altruistic ideas with user-centered solutions and a healthy dose of skepticism. She seeks to develop the tools and experience in interactive design, asking hard questions and creating tangible change. For Cristina, school will be a incubator to become a stronger designer, researcher, community advocate, project manager and life long learner.

When Cristina is not working at school, you can find her working at REI, eating tacos or petting a dog.