Cristina S

Hailing from Long Island, Cristina has spent the past two year in NYC exploring the intersection of food & society -from plant to plate. She has led tours on the largest rooftop urban farm, taught after school culinary classes, and managed operations at a meal subscription business. Dabbling in multiple facets of the food system, Cristina has the capacity to understand the breadth and depth of a disciple. She applies this same intersectional approach to any decision making process.

Academically, Cristina received a BA in communications & rhetoric in 2014 and also graduated from the General Assembly User Experience and Design Course in 2018. Her final project was a user experience analysis of a non-profit vet clinic. To see Cristina’s research and design process, view the slide deck here.

Cristina comes to AC4D to wrestle altruistic ideas with user-centered solutions and a healthy dose of skepticism. She seeks to develop the tools and experience in interactive design, asking hard questions and creating tangible change. For Cristina, school will be a incubator to become a stronger designer, researcher, community advocate, project manager and life long learner.

When Cristina is not working at school, you can find her working at REI, eating tacos or petting a dog.

Recent blog posts

“So you want to think like a designer?…”

Here is a hypothetical conversation between three different designers (a engineer, graphic designer and AC4D student) and their thought process. This conversation strongly reflects the  views of Pacione’s “Evolution of the Mind: A Case for Design Literacy”, Brown & Wyatt’s Design Thinking for Social Innovation. Engineer: What do you even learn in design school? AC4D Student: I…

Phase 2: From Data to Themes

Over the past two weeks our team (Vicky, Gerald and Cristina) have been making sense of the data gathered when we interviewed individuals about their experience and interactions with Lettuce. Lettuce is an Austin-based meal delivery service that strives to create a sustainable, hyper-local ecosystem that grows and distributes food that is fresher, healthier, tastier, and…

The past two weeks in our methods class, we have dissected the views of five thought leaders in design: Bernays, Papanek, Vitta, Postman and Bernays. What would authors think about the impact of smartphone on society? Are they hopeful that it will give value to society or are the skeptical that it will do more…

Podcast: “How to make a Teamwork Sandwich”

AC4D students, Kay, Cat, Christina & Cristina, just finished their first design sprint. Over a round of well-deserved beers, these rookies take a moment to share with each other about their respective teams and the lessons they’ve gleaned about teamwork

“How many designers does it take to fix a lightblub?”

Answer: “Why a lightbulb at all?” In Day 3 of our design sprint, we focused on the question “why?”. Starting with quotes from our transcribed interviews, we then synthesised this data and identified themes. The next step was to rephrase the theme into a why statement. This simple change of syntax from statement to question enabled us to dig…

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