Dan O’Halloran

Dan has always been awful at writing bio’s and has taken a roundabout path to get just about everywhere. A human ripe with experience in full pursuit of their passions in Austin at AC4D. Curiosity and an embrace of the word ‘fail’ are ever present traits in Dan’s experience in work and life.

Infatuated with the unfamiliar Dan packed his bags after completing a bachelor’s degree and worked in Asia. Experience working abroad coupled with a background in public service brought opportunity to work in The White House and later the Department of Defense. Self-exploration led to pursuit of language and carpentry work in Central America. A few projects later Dan found himself in the Black Rock Desert, building infrastructure for the Burning Man project. Thereafter, he interned at a FAB Lab in Barcelona. Dan worked and studied with computer machine tools to create and contribute to open-source projects. Strong interests in international relations, art, and the DIY approach have been a guiding light in Dan’s pursuits. Through the program he aims to understand his motives and better focus his energies to the betterment of all. Dan loves public art, bicycles, and cultures.

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Orientation Week & Food Trucks Fight Famine

Freedom is hard to navigate if you have never had it before. During freedoms of my own I’ve felt myself discovering that there is no north or south anymore. Right or wrong is out the window, and questions may make your freedom harder to navigate. Unfamiliarity is hard to lean into and being asked to…

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