Emiliano Villarreal

Emiliano is a startup nerd who spent his childhood summers running around the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, México.

Before teaching at AC4D, he was co-founder & Chuck Norris of Product at Student Loan Genius which helped employees pursue life, liberty, and freedom from student debt via a 401k-like benefit for crushing student loans. Companies included Prudential Financial, New York Life, Pinterest, Twilio, and BP3.

As a co-founder of Spark59, with Ash Maurya of Running Lean fame, he helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world increase their odds of success via tools (Lean Canvas & USERcycle), coaching, and sharing lessons learned.

Emiliano is a co-organizer of the Austin Lean Startup meet-up group, mentors at Tech Stars and UT’s One-Semester Startup, and is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship in underrepresented communities.

He’s now focused on helping people find their pathway to financial freedom via his next mission, Wealth Buddha.

Invite him out for a taco or dig into more at tipthefuture.com