Gerald Codina

Growing up around a large family, Gerald learned the value of helping others. He also experienced the joy of improving things. He moved to learn and live in Austin’s casual, progressive, creative environment 23 years ago. He has been a visual communication designer, college adjunct instructor, and design team lead.

Gerald, inspired by the current climate, comes to AC4D’s progressive environment to cultivate his values and talents into meaningful new ventures.

He has had international trips and travel throughout most of the US. He also enjoys exploring with his wife by food, foot, bicycle, subway, scuba or boat.

Recent blog posts

Some Observations

I was not on my game on our second day. Thankfully, the ladies in my group, Laura, Vicky, Christina were able to crush it. Our primary task today was to gather research about public transportation. After the lecture, we got into groups and began forming our strategy and game plan. We all struggled at first to…

Introductions and Orientations

Today was the first day of orientation for the incoming AC4D class. It was a very nice day with many positive impressions. My key takeaways from the class introductions were our group has a very diverse set of experiences and educational backgrounds. We have backgrounds in anthropology, finance, cognitive sciences, art, photography, visual design, marketing,…

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