Jay Messenger

Jay is originally from the Greater Boston area. If you had told Jay a few years ago that he would move to Texas, he probably would have laughed at you. Nonetheless he did just that in summer of 2016, and now he could not be happier to call Austin his new home.

Jay’s path to design is a circuitous one. He studied political science at Tufts University, but became disenchanted with several aspects of politics and governance along the way. Late in his college career, Jay took an interest in anthropology, and quickly gained a deep appreciation for the degree of empathy and insight that the field offers. He decided to pursue a career in human-centered design because it harnesses the ethnographic capabilities of anthropology to innovate solutions to complex problems.

Since he graduated in 2015, Jay has been working as a freelance design researcher, while also working in the service industry to make ends meet. He is thrilled to be a part of the AC4D community, and to have the opportunity to expand his skill-set in order to make a social impact.

In his free time, Jay can either be found wandering around the Greenbelt or playing folk guitar at home.