Jennifer Figueroa

Professional things about me, in no particular order: I have a nearly 20-year career as a graphic designer/art director. I used to dog- and house-sit as a side hustle. I was a chalkboard artist at Whole Foods Market for 3 years and eventually moved up to Regional Art Director. I worked at an Apple store as a side hustle. I won several Addy awards the very first year of my career. During college, I was a camp counselor every summer. I’ve rebranded a gym.

Other things about me, in no particular order: I have 2 dogs, a greyhound and an Italian greyhound. I love to read. I love to eat. I’m a high-fuctioning introvert. Other than college, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. I love having a jigsaw puzzle in progress on my dining room table. My favorite hobby is planning my next vacation. I recently started a watercolor painting practice to counterbalance the pixel-perfection of graphic design.

I’m excited about starting at AC4D for a myriad of reasons but these are the main ones: For a long time I’ve wanted my work to have more meaning than just being pretty. One of my biggest frustrations in past jobs is when the “why” makes no sense. I want the “why” of why I’m designing things to make sense again. And with my background in print design I’ll not only be learning new ways of thinking, but new design software. It’s been too long since I’ve been at the bottom of a steep learning curve and I’m very much looking forward to learning, stumbling, recovering, growing.

Recent blog posts

“Flip a fork?”

Today we were divided up into small groups and sent out in the field to ask strangers questions about their experience with Austin public transit. Before that, our small groups strategized about what we would ask and where we would go to ask these questions of people. Before that, we had to pick a focus:…

“This is a great space to f%$k up.”

Y’all. I don’t like to fuck up. I don’t like to be bad at things. (e.g. I’m terrible at singing, or doing anything musical and so you will never hear me do it.) Even in a safe space I want to be really good at things. I want to nail that yoga pose. I want…

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