Kay Wyman

Kay has been fascinated with immigration processes ever since spending a year in Germany brought her close to many immigrant experiences. She studied Modern European Thought / German Language and Culture at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York and then moved to San Francisco to work for an organization sponsoring cultural exchange visas. Kay seeks to unite her drive to explore the relationships between people and polity with design. After completing the AC4D program, she aspires to use design thinking to facilitate positive human interactions within and around immigrant populations.
Kay is also a freelance writer, delitescent logophile, and a volunteer food runner.

Recent blog posts

Orientation: Day 2 – Reflections

Trying is much easier with permission to get things wrong. Jon Kolko and Ruby Ku have both impressed upon us the necessity and value of taking action when you do not know everything. Today’s field activity seemed an exercise in pushing ourselves into uncomfortable spaces while still performing and trying to understand the complexities of doing user interviews.…

The First Day of AC4D

One often hears people say they have no expectations, or try not to form them before a significant experience. Yet everyone holds some notion of how the experience will play out. I value working with and around thoughtful, driven, and intelligent people, so I had been looking forward to my first day of orientation at…

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