Kelsey Greathouse

During college, Kelsey studied Anthropology and Biology, with an interest in how people develop relationships with nature. Following that passion, she spent eight years traveling the U.S. working as an environmental educator at a variety of nonprofits. In 2016, Kelsey landed in Austin, where she continued her work in the environmental field, leading litter cleanups in areas of need throughout Travis County.

She took an interest in design thinking after learning about it during a talk at SXSW Eco. Eager to learn more and explore new ways of addressing environmental and social issues, Kelsey is excited to join the AC4D community.

When in town, Kelsey often spends her time hiking, biking around the city, finding new restaurants, and desperately trying not to kill her plants. When not in Austin, Kelsey is most likely camping or traveling with her fiancé, Noah, and their dog, Kermit.

Recent blog posts

Rule Number One

When Jon Kolko joined us today, he gave us four rules to follow: Try new things Trust the process Build on ideas and comment Everyone has to draw For me, today was all about Rule #1–try new things. We were separated into groups, given a topic to focus on, a few prompts to start us…

Make and Make Better

Today was the beginning. The beginning of a new school year, the beginning of growth, the beginning of learning, the beginning of relationships, and the beginning of making things and totally failing. This beginning, as with most, came with some knowns, but also a ton of unknowns. Knowing that there is going to be anxiety,…

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