Kim Nguyen

Kim is an Austin native and graduated with a degree in Psychology, from Texas State University.

She recently joined the Austin Center for Design’s 2019 class. Prior to this, she worked at Aunt Bertha as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer where she developed the quality assurance process from the ground up. Here she experienced first hand how technology can be made to help people in need. Having come from a liberal arts background, seeing how technology can improve lives roused her curiosity. Here she got her first taste of ‘technology for good’.

Living by the adage “only the insane do the same things and expect different results”, Kim works to explore how to improve the status quo, and solving painful problems.

Recent blog posts


It is very natural to classify.  We have names for all colors and colors within color spectrums.  When considering the color pink, there is pink, hot pink, neon pink, piggy pink, baby pink, champagne, coral.  The list goes on. Even within the world of web, there are 16,777,217 hexadecimal codes that represent individual colors in the…


Growing up, it has been instilled in me that education is a resource to be taken for granted or a topic to be treated with triviality.   One year ago, the word expectation would have made me extremely nervous. Today, however, has been quite nice. After speaking to several AC4D alumni, and working with a few…

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