Kyle Beck

Originally from Rochester, New York, Kyle studied Industrial Design at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where he lived post-grad for several years working in apparel design before taking a stint to live in Colorado to be a ski instructor. Since 2011 Kyle has resided in Austin and spent the last 5 years working at Ion Art where he helped to create beautiful custom art around the state of Texas, along with many of the neon signs you see around Austin. He will step down as the Design Director to begin the next chapter of his life through AC4D.

Kyle is eager to embark on this new adventure to find impactful ways to improve his community near and far. Motivated by sustainability and alternative energies, he believes education is the core stepping stone to facilitate change in the world. He is currently an ambassador for Building Minds in South Sudan, a non-profit working to build schools and bring internet access to rural communities in South Sudan through solar power.

Inspired by exploring new cultures, he can often be found traveling or cooking up a new dish in the kitchen. He also enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and spending time with his family and friends on a good patio.

Recent blog posts

Bootcamp Reflection

The first four days of AC4D are in the books. Technically this isn’t even true, as we just went through bootcamp and have yet to even start the actual syllabus. It all seems daunting. This week was fast paced and threw me into a lot of uncomfortable situations like meeting the new classmates I will share my life with…

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