Laura Bell

Laura’s background is in GIS mapping and government data. This type of work has allowed her to flex her creativity and strategic thinking strengths to innovate workflows, and improve decision making through data driven insights. She is passionate about making information accessible and useful for stakeholders, and excited to attend the AC4D program to focus on developing skills to account for the human aspect of technology solutions.

She grew up in Austin, TX and graduated from UT Austin with a BA in Geography. Later, she moved to Chicago for a few years where she wore a winter coat that looked like a sleeping bag, found out that professional sports teams are a big deal, and met her future husband. She enjoys trying new things and hanging out in the yard with her Great Pyr, Cass.

Recent blog posts

Riding the bus

Today we met Jon Kolko and he presented an intro to design strategy. We learned that design strategy is about the combination of personal experience, emotional insight, and the narrative and value for someone. Afterwards, we broke up into teams of 3-4 and were given the prompt of exploring the topic of public transportation and…

Thoughts after the first day of orientation

Today was the first day of orientation week for the class of 2018-2019 at AC4D. Everyone met in the new Springdale General location at 10am and we all mingled a little and introduced ourselves before settling down. The space felt brand new and it was exciting to think about all the work that we’ll be…

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