Mariangela Marin

Mariangela has a background in Industrial Design and User Experience design. She has worked both for cultural conservation causes, furniture design projects, as well as for user centered design projects for technology driven solutions. She has lived back and forth between her native Mexico and her second home in Houston for the past six years, finally deciding to stick around a little longer for a year of immersion into AC4D’s educational experience.

I have lived all my life standing in that thin line between those that are privileged and those who don’t have a lot. Always questioning why many practices in society have come to be acceptable; social inequality, injustice, and intolerance to anyone or anything that is strange. Having the tools to take a sensible and creative approach to contribute to a mind shift towards these issues and empower the right people, are vital to take a step into a direction for positive change. Using the creativity that pushed me to study design and focus that on issues that matter, will be far more valuable than just designing good looking products. I am positive AC4D and the exciting people that are part of this community will help me further develop the tool set necessary to bring social sciences, technology and creativity together to design and seamlessly implement meaningful and transformative experiences for all humans.