Mary Hannah Duhon

Raised in Austin, Mary Hannah traveled to the frozen north to study political philosophy at Hampshire College. Since moving back to Texas, she has worked as an elementary student mentor for AmeriCorps, a romance novel editor, and an English, art, and history teacher to twice-exceptional students in both public and private schools. Teaching instilled in her a deep fascination with designing systems so that people could not avoid succeeding, as well as figuring out what people need and want. It also impressed upon her that good intentions are not enough; you have to offer help in a way that makes people delighted to accept.

After five years in the classroom, she became interested in interaction design when a friend suggested she go to a hackathon. Working to design an app to help with the opioid epidemic convinced her that she could be creative, fascinated, and above all, useful, as a designer.

She is excited to find new ways to make the way humans function work in their favor. When not on the clock, you will find her at a hip hop dance practice, tucked in with too many books, or bent over a colored pencil drawing.