Michelle Trame

Michelle’s professional experiences include being an entrepreneur in education, outdoor adventure and consulting. She chooses to work on projects that center equity, sustainability and community. These values have come to life in launching a company that is closing the gender gap in outdoor leadership, creating tools to provide access to STEM education for underrepresented and non-traditional students, and helping build a company with a retail model committed to reducing waste while increasing access to the outdoors for everyone.

While wearing many hats in fast-growing start-ups, Michelle discovered that design work existed at the intersection of her talents and interests. Whether designing treehouses, maps for travelers or educational software, she loves how invisible forces (our habits, our desires, our emotions, our culture) inform the design of the built world. Her orientation towards data and research is enlivened by her passion for exploration, collaboration and creation. Most recently from Oakland, California, she is excited to add Austin to her list of quirky places she’s lived.

Recent blog posts

The Neuroscience of Taking a Leap

What is it like to learn something new? While I have learned many things as an adult—coding and skiing are the two that come to mind first—I haven’t been a student in a formal educational setting since finishing undergrad at 22-years old. There are many ways that my current self feels different from the 22-year…

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