Nicole Nagel

Nicole Nagel currently works on the survey team at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), where she designs and executes B2B and consumer studies. Her research helps inform private equity and venture capital firms’ investments, as well as guides the strategy of their portfolio companies. Nicole’s work has challenged her to consider the most effective ways to elicit both unbiased and engaged answers from top professionals in a diverse set of industries. She would now like to take this experience and focus back in on what guided her undergraduate studies.

Nicole graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where she studied business, liberal arts, and pre-medical sciences. Her senior thesis examined the importance of the doctor-patient relationship for clinical success and how doctors can successfully nurture this connection. She took a particular focus in naturopathic medicine, using a midcentury naturopathic physician’s patient records as a case study in her investigation.

Nicole’s research fueled her inspiration to be a proponent for medical freedom. She aspires to help inform people of their medical treatment options, expand what we have monetary and legal access to, and ultimately influence our healthcare system to better promote constructive relationships between physicians and their patients. This is where Nicole sees Austin Center for Design as a wonderful next step in her journey. She is ready to deconstruct problems and systems and explore how to build something
successful from them.