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Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is a human-centered design (thinking) practice, management, & organizational strategy consultant with international management, cross-organizational development, & more than 20 years of experience. He has been the director of design disciplines in three consultancies, held leadership/management roles in other organizations, and freelanced for multiple companies. He is presently Principal of OE Strategy, providing human-centered research, strategy, and design thinking for organizations seeking to make a positive difference in the world.

Richard was Editor-in-Chief of interactions magazine with Jon Kolko, helped start & grow numerous HCI communities around the world as ACM SIGCHI’s Local Chapters Chair, has organized numerous design events, including two major conferences, and has written lots and has spoken and moderated panels lots on numerous design-related topics. He has taught design, design research, design strategy, design management, and/or design thinking throughout his career in many places, including the University of California (Berkeley & Santa Cruz), the Academy of Art University, General Assembly, and at multiple conferences and companies. He is now on the faculty of the Austin Center for Design.

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“Great timing,” I think to myself yet again. As I was preparing the deck I would use that evening to facilitate a discussion on the opportunities of (social) entrepreneurship, I discovered that a vote by the Texas House of Representatives the previous day had “set the table” for Uber’s return to Austin. (Uber stopped providing…

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