Sara Miller

Originally from the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, Sara attempted surviving the frozen tundra of Michigan for four years in college. It was there, bundled in many scarves and coats and sipping on hot cider, that she developed a passion for listening to and telling stories as well as social justice, studying English and minoring in Community Action and Social Change. Recognizing her need for sunshine and warmth, she moved to Austin, Texas shortly after graduation. She has worked in for the most part in the education space, in sales, development, and operations. A creative at the core she has always sought opportunities to weave together the stories of people and people to products, movements, initiatives, etc. in creative ways. She now looks to meld that with her artistic abilities(which flowered mostly in high school, puttered out in a couple of courses in college, and now really only manifest in her painting) in designing stellar experiences for this next phase of her career.

One of Sara’s favorite places in the world is in the middle of Barton Springs on a real hot day. She loves watching a game of University of Michigan football but more often than not chooses to refrain from doing so because of the emotional toll it can take on the days following. Unlike every other millennial, she loves traveling, eating good food, drinking great beer, and being outside as much as possible. She enjoys attempting to bake “difficult things” and recreating things she ate at restaurants. She is proud of being from Florida and Detroit is another one of her all time favorite places to be.

Recent blog posts

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Yesterday morning we had a wonderful first class with the brilliant Jon Kolko. He spoke to us about the evolution of design over the past couple of decades. He made an important differentiation between what folks may think when we tell them that we are going to school for design (i.e. a Eames chair) verses…

First Day Jitters

My first day of orientation at AC4D is complete and I am humming with excitement. There is so much to look forward to. Firstly, we are the inaugural class at the new Springdale location. It is a beautiful space within the Springdale General development. Many of the other organizations and businesses that have moved or…

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