Shelly Stallings

Shelly is a serial entrepreneur, global traveler and big foodie.

Shelly grew up in a small, rural village in China where her teachers saw her as a troublemaker. She didn’t like following their rules. She had her own ideas. Her village was close enough to Shanghai that she was exposed to the international TV. She fell in love with the Seavers from the show “Growing Pains “. She saw how the Seavers supported the individuality of their children. She realized that “out there” were different cultures. Learning about and immersing herself in other cultures became a passion and source of inspiration.

In 2013, as a co-founder in Bonapp, doing design research has been one of the unique aspects of her career so far. Bon App is Asia’s first international social dining platform to connect people through food and helps discover great places in 12 cities.
Her work launching Bonapp confirmed the change-bearing power of design research and provided her with a strong desire to apply this to industries like E-commerce, or offline delivery service. This has been a step towards her long-term goal to be a global entrepreneur. However, to take the next step, she needs to build her skill set. In the past she has relied on intuition and experience to guide her actions, she plans to strengthen her skills by learning formal methodologies at AC4D and enjoying personal experiences of classmates and faculty.

Recent blog posts

Design Research Day

AC4D doesn’t give me a chance to warm up. Our second orientation day begins with the first step in doing design research as a team(random) outside the classroom. Running a research with new classmates in the new city and new culture sounds crazy, especially without knowing the background of anything. When Jon talked about empathy…

My first day as a student in US

It’s been a great day joining at AC4D new space and having the luck listening to the awesome talks. I truly felt proud when I was finally able to sit down and enjoy the first orientation day surrounding by all cool people in united states, I saw my name coming up as part of the…

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