Vicky Pridgen

Vicky Pridgen works on the code education and outreach team at the City of Austin, where she strives to provide effective community outreach and education so that Austin continues to be a safe and livable city. Vicky is passionate about the City’s dedication to designing and building services for residents with a more human-centered approach and she feels right at home in the public sector.

Vicky graduated from Rice University where she studied linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience. After college, she served in the Peace Corps in Niger designing civic education curricula for primary school students. Since then, some of her favorite roles include managing a startup event facility in Vermont, driving communications strategy for a technology nonprofit in Madagascar, and strengthening partnerships at a startup co-working space in East Austin. Originally from chilly New Hampshire, Vicky is a graduate of Leadership Austin and currently serves on the board of the Heart of Texas Peace Corps Association.

Ever since her Peace Corps service, Vicky has been passionate about ethnography and the study of people and cultures. In each new endeavor, Vicky seeks to understand how people live their lives and what could motivate positive behavioral change. She’s excited to participate in the Austin Center for Design program to learn how to better design services and involve citizens in co-designing solutions to complex issues.

Recent blog posts

Building empathy

During our first day of field research yesterday, it wasn’t hard for our group to relate to the gamut of sentiment expressed by the individuals that we interviewed. We heard perspectives ranging from a deep frustration with the public transit system and some of its pain points, to a goosebumps-evoking sense of pride felt by an interviewee recounting when she brought…

Keep Calm and AC4D On

If I had a single takeaway from today’s orientation, it would be that this will be a challenging program and I’m going to need to be on my A-game to make it through successfully. AC4D director Ruby Ku began the day by overviewing the school, curriculum, and program logistics and then we dove into student introductions after lunch. During the alumni panel…

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