Victoria Valadez

Victoria Valadez is a visual designer with a writer’s mind, dedicated to problem solving and positive social impact.

Victoria’s creative journey started with creative writing and journalism. She’s been fascinated with typography since childhood* and took brazen creative liberties while doing layout design as an editor for her college student newspaper. After college, her passion for social change led her to Peace Corps service in Madagascar from 2009–11, where she established microfinance institutions with women’s groups on the cyclone-prone eastern coast.

Since returning to Austin in 2012 she’s been on a mission to marry her interests in creative work and social impact. She’s lent her enthusiastic and human-centered approach to a handful of Austin nonprofits. While working with a local Unitarian church from 2013–18, she was asked to produce print collateral for a capital campaign. This led to her returning to school for graphic design, and at the same time discovering design thinking—new profound loves she never knew existed.

Since starting freelancing in 2018 she’s expanded her professional offerings, adding web design and project management to her main services of visual design and copywriting/copyediting. She serves on the AIGA Austin board and was a speaker at the inaugural GROW Conference, presenting her book-in-progress centered on bias in design.

She’s humbled to be a part of AC4D to leverage her natural empathy and curiosity, tireless work ethic, and enthusiasm for social innovation. When not writing about herself in the third person, she likes being outdoors or nerding out over language, type, podcasts, music, B-films, or other curious things with her fiancée and two cats.

* If she could be any punctuation symbol, she would absolutely be an exclamation mark, no question.

Recent blog posts

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The industry and practice of design is in a compelling state of flux. In recent decades more designers have requested and earned a “seat at the table” of executives and strategic decision-makers of a company. This has caused a paradigm shift in the role and function of designers.  The professional world is still catching up…

Design as Waste

This article is about the power and responsibility that comes with communications and experience design. I’m centering my argument on the notion of waste, because each of the following authors’ approaches equates to lesser or greater waste of human/natural resources. Design as Waste (In the course of this argument I’ll refer to “design” loosely defined…

Orientation Reflections: Trusting in the Process

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. In May 2014, just about this time five years ago, I was doing some random Google searches. This doesn’t sound important, but it is part of why I am here at AC4D today.…

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