Zev Powell

Zev comes from an academic background in the social sciences. Having studied cultural anthropology and Spanish language, he enters his coursework at AC4D with the ambition to develop his skills in empathy building and discover the tools to equip himself to enter the field of innovation and the many disciplines of interaction design. Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree four years ago he has cast himself into a variety of hybrid working experiences. Among them, managing a bamboo bike shop in rural Alabama, running a global team of scientists on a remote science base deep in the Mexican rainforest, and most recently has spent the past year in Melbourne, Australia as a social researcher and a drummer in a punk band.

In 2014, weary of endless nights in the library, he pledged to himself that he would never go back to study. But when he discovered AC4D and its creative curriculum, he realized it was his ticket to make an impact with his work in the near future. He is particularly excited to collaborate with his peers and collectively create something spectacular in nine dedicated and rapid months. Zev reckons the class of 2018-2019 will have tackled some wicked problems before the Texas summer starts to get too hot next year.

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