Zina Semenova

The quintessential millennial, Zina wears many hats. She dedicated her early life to classical music and holds a BA in musicology from Conservatory in Russia. Besides her academic studies she enjoys interviewing people and telling good stories.

Once, she found herself with pen, camera, and notebook in the middle of Siberian taiga interviewing local indigenous people and writing a piece about their disappearing culture.

To Zina design combines both analytical and creative thinking. This connection is essential to both make an impact and scale it up for maximum use. This aspect is the most inspiring and gives Zina confidence that small groups can make large positive changes in people’s lives.

Zina spent the last year helping families raise money to fund their children’s gene therapy treatment. These children were all born with an ultra-rare gene disorder called Canavan disease. Recent advancements in medicine have made it possible to find an effective treatment for previously fatal conditions although the price tag is extremely expensive.

Zina hopes the design course at AC4D will better equip her to solve difficult problems. She is excited to collaborate on a team and bring her insights to the table.

When is not working, Zina likes to try new authentic restaurants with her husband Manuel or play at Austin parks with her two year old daughter Claire.

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