doing to understand

We have been discussing the concept of co-creation as a research method in our research and theory classes. It is great to be able to layer them on top of each other. The theory class is allowing us to explore what the experts are saying through very thoughtful examples and articles. While I could see the value of the process from these articles I think it has still been difficult to understand. There have been many debates about how participants may react to activities. We did our first one yesterday and I was amazed at the impact. It allowed me to understand the method we had been reading and discussing in a new way. Our participant spent so much time working with us on the activities. Ideas and insights were shared that  I feel there would have been no way for us to know unless we had been involved in the market we are studying for months.This experience is influencing my view on the research process and raises some questions in other areas for me.

Is there enough “doing” in education?

Is there a need for recess or creative time at work places even if the industry is not involved “design”? Does it allow opportunities for communication and new ideas?

How can designers and educators create opportunities to explore ideas on their own and create their own point of view?