The past few weeks we have been discussing the role technology plays in design as well as the role or responsibility of the designer. The question about whether or not we are designing “experiences” has come up a few times. I am not completely comfortable with the industry term even though I probably end up using it. Part of the reason I am not comfortable with the word is that I think “an experience” is individual. I think it incorporates an individual’s reaction and/or interaction with the designed artifact (service, system, or product). Recently, I have been thinking about how that relates to story. I think there is the story a designer is trying to tell, the story that develops as an individual interacts with the design and the story that is told based on an individual’s experience. This idea is by no means complete, but I think it is why I like the idea of “frameworks”. I like the idea that we design opportunities for individuals to interact with and based on that they have an individual experience. The link below is a great introduction to the idea of using a framework as well as some possibilities if designers began to think about incorporating the principles of improv into design.

Liz Danzico—Frames: Notes on Improvisation and Design


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