keep moving

This has been a theme in our studio class this quarter. Just start working, get your ideas out there—sketching, info. graphics, building stories, writing blogs, tweets, pitches, sites and now this week exploring mobile applications. We do not stop once we get the idea down on paper or translated into pixels, but we present, critique and then go back and do it all again. It is a reminder that there simply is no substitute for doing….

It all began with an affinity exercise in our research class. My team decided to research waste systems at a small farmer’s market. The research process has been great. It is amazing how working with all the data and diagrams how many design opportunities start to bubble up from the data. I started experimenting with a few in the studio class.

This was an early attempt. I wanted to address the communication of the system and how it works. I tried creating a game surrounding the waste stations. The visitors get tickets when they recycle that give them little facts about recycling and can be used later for discounts with the various vendors at the market. It was a start, but as we moved forward I began to think more about the business model and arrived at a service that manages waste for events.

This is a sample home page for a marketing site for the service idea I have been exploring. The service is a consulting group that will manage all of the logistics for waste management systems at events. They will work with the organizers to understand their needs as well as implement and manage the system including removal of the waste at the end of the event. There is a network included for all the vendors to source eco-friendly packaging for their products and a DIY kit for smaller events.

This week is a custom iphone application for the events. There is a map showing all the waste stations and vendors, twitter stream, photo gallery and check ins. The check-ins are for vendors using eco-friendly packaging and the visitors accrue eco-points that can be redeemed with the vendors for products.

Just keep moving and making stuff…..


it’s cool that you stuck with the same project through all of these assignments because it allowed you to think through possible solutions from many different vantage points. and being in this mindspace of thinking about waste management systems at farmer’s market for two classes for so long has led to deeper, more insightful, (and more *nuanced*) ideas. i think it’s evolved beautifully.

it’ll be really great to have everyone in the same mindspace on the same topic for an extended period of time when we start with our ARCH project!

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