Alternative Education & The At Risk Student Final Presentation

What a quarter its been! As we come to the end of our first quarter at AC4D we’re finishing up our research project on alternative education and the at-risk student.

So far we’re gone through the research, synthesis and work modeling phases. We’ve met lots of interesting folks – from teachers, mentors and former alt-ed students. Using contextual inquiry we heard lots of stories with different perspectives on the alternative education experience. One participant, Kyle (name changed), was a recent alternative education student whom we found particularly engaging. His insightful, descriptive stories really helped our group empathize with his experience at an alt-ed school, and provided context for stories told to us by other participants.

We’ve included a link to the scrubbed version of our final research and synthesis presentation below (scrubbed meaning we’ve changed names and identifying characteristics to protect the identities of our participants.) We focused on Kyle because his experience and stories lead us to significant insights and gave us meaningful data and work models. If we continue next quarter, we’ll use his data and insights as provocations for building a system or artifact with the goal of helping to solve the wicked problem of educating students with behavioral problems. More on our work models below.

View our Final Design Research & Synthesis Presentation on Google Drive

Work models give us a visual representation of the user data. The five different views of the data assist in sense making, seeing the points of data and stories told to us by our participants through different lenses. We used our research participant Kyle (name changed) to make these work models. Click the thumbnails below to see the different models we created.

Work Models gallery: