Get out of here, you are ridiculous!

Recently in our studio class here at AC4D we’ve been assigned a three week startup business challenge. The short of the long of it is that we need to make $1000 in three weeks going outside of our comfort zone. Understandably, most of the students in class we’re thrown for a loop. But like good little entrepreneurs, we put all that fear and anxiety aside, and got down to work!

I have a terrible habit of relating my life to pop-culture. Recently, I’ve been reminded of a great quote from one of the Bridget Jones movies.

Bridget Jones: [Diary] Oh God, I’m very worried. What if someone says, “Bridget Jones get out of here, you are ridiculous”?

And you know what? Every time I have to go out of my comfort zone and do some hustlin’, the first thought in my mind is someone is going to call me out and tell me I’m a ridiculous dilettante who has no idea what they’re doing. It’s actually happened a few times to me, more or less.

"I already feel like an idiot most of the time anyway"
(Because every blog post on the internet needs to reference a meme, or no one will read it. I think that’s BuzzFeed’s whole business model)

But, I can either wallow in self doubt or push ahead, and politely ask for what I need. I’m working with my fellow classmate and teammate for this project, Anna Krachey. We’re doing a professional headshot photography business called PictureDay ATX. Anna is a pro photographer extraordinaire. She’s taking headshots and doing retouching. This is outside of her comfort zone because she’s commercializing her photography skills and because of the nature of the business, can’t spend the same amount of time and effort as she would on her fine art prints.

I’m going outside of *my* comfort zone by hustling up business, getting people to pay hard earned money for Anna’s terrific work and asking for lots of help and favors along the way. Basically, my nightmare.

So, to combat my fear of being called ridiculous, I role played making cold calls with my teammate Anna. We’re approaching co-working spaces here in Austin, TX and asking them to let us set up shop for a few hours to offer headshot services to their members. I practiced with Anna explaining that I was a student with this startup business challenge (something many in the co-working space can probably relate to), and if it would be possible to come in for an afternoon to offer affordable and professional headshots to their co-working members.

Surprisingly, on my first cold call to a co-working space, I got a great response. While they already have professional photographers as co-working members, they are still willing to let us set up shop. Plus, there are a bunch of other co-working spaces in Austin that I am in the process of connecting with too. That response, plus the awesome response we’ve been getting to Anna’s work is making me feel more confident we are on the right track and will make our $2000 ($1000 per teammate!) goal.

Wish me luck and track my progress here on the AC4D blog and at our website