Viewing "Pet Prints by Meghan" Through the Lens of the Customer

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I had been underwhelmed with the amount of orders I was receiving for pet prints.

The main vision I have had for my business is for the prints to be highly personal and thus meaningful for my customer. Since I had some free time between orders, I realized I should also offer generic prints (not custom) for a little less money since a custom print has many variables that appear to make it more time intensive and a bigger risk if customers don’t like the end product. So I created prints of some dogs and cats and posted them for sale. The results were surprising.

While only a few of these “generic” prints have been sold, I have since received more custom orders with requests along the lines of “I love the look of the Lucy print. Could I order a print of this picture in that style?” This correlation has made me realize that adding more examples of my work increases my credibility and allows people to better visualize what a custom print of their pet could look like. While this need to see the product seems obvious to me now, I was too caught up in what I hoped my business would sell to see my business from the customer’s viewpoint. Through this lens, I was better able to critique what was working and what needed improvement.

I have spent some time analyzing the disconnected nature of my ordering process. I don’t want to make my customers feel like they will have to jump through hoops to order a custom product. On my Facebook product page, there were many instances of “email me to place a custom order and get a price quote.” When I considered this prompt from the viewpoint of a customer, I realized how off-putting this would be. I was forcing my customer to make the first move with little information. I certainly would not jump to place an order if I was put into a similar situation.

Pet Prints Facebook Page

I realized I was putting the impetus on the customer to email me.

With this realization I have since firmed up my prices for a more limited set of product and print sizes. I have also worked with Cory to create a new, one stop Pet Prints website which highlights the ease of ordering.

New Pet Prints Website

Customers can pick from a limited variety of products available instead of becoming overwhelmed with an endless amount of choices. When selecting a custom print option, they provide their email and it is my responsibility to follow up with them to get the pet picture and start the conversation about what style and colors they are picturing. This takes the ball out of their court and makes the whole experience feel more personal.