Thermostat System Iteration 2 and Think-Aloud-Testing Task List

In Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving we are building wireframes, which are visual representations of an interface showing the functionality of a system.  But it doesn’t stop there in our design process – once we’ve built out our wireframes, we go out to test, using the think-aloud-testing method to evaluate the usability of our system by encouraging users to “think-aloud” as they interact with our design.  Integrating this method in our process has been very useful as we iterate on our design, which was what we were asked to do this week.

Wireframe Iteration 2 below:

Some of the feedback from testing that I addressed in Iteration 2 are listed below:

– Confusing menu tab

– Difficulties when creating a schedule

– Overall temperature control was not as easy to use as I thought it would be when adjusting temperatures

A few users thought the menu tab was part of the temperature control, so I decided to include a label and created an icon that looked more like a tab.  I also moved the tab to the bottom of the screen to separate it from the temperature control function.  I also changed the “Create a Schedule” feature to a “Home or Away” option.  In general, I want to create a system that is simple and easy for the user and sometimes this means limiting options. And finally, I updated the temperature control system with a black indicator bar – to give the user a better understanding of the temperature scale when interacting with the system.

For more details on my annotated wireframe iteration 2 and think-aloud-testing task list click here

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