Design Interface Iteration 5 – An Iterative Process

In Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving we use an effective, iterative and user-centered process for wire-framing.  Our project for the past 6 weeks has been to wireframe and iterate on our thermostat design for a total of 6 times.  Project details for Iteration 5 below:

Function and Features List (should include at minimum)

  • Adjust temperature to warmer / cooler
  • Switch between heating & cooling
  • Turn the system on and off
  • Turn the fan on and off
  • Set / edit a 7 day schedule
  • Interrupt the schedule to adjust the temperature

Once we iterate on our design – we then conduct usability testing using the think-aloud method to understand and solve any usability issues that may come up during testing.

Think Aloud Testing User Comments for Iteration 5

  • Where is the schedule?
  • How does the home/away feature work?
  • Thought the white line was just a printing error
  • The cool to heat gradient line is a bit confusing – I don’t know what it means when adjusting temperature
  • Where are the numbers letting me know where I am or where I could adjust the temperature to?
  • I feel dumb!

So I went back to the white board with Professor Matt Franks to work through some ideas around Schedule and Home/Away features.

Sketches from our white-boarding session

After working through user issues on the white board – I redesigned the wireframes to include the updates below:

  • Current temperature number and text changes when user adjusts temperature
  • Temperature controller now shows what the current temperature is set to
  • The cool to warm gradient has been update
  • Home and Away flow update
  • On and Off button update
  • Wi-Fi flow update

Updated screens below:

Home/Away Flow

On/Off Flow

Wi-Fi On/Off Flow

In reflection, I didn’t realize just how challenging ‘simple and easy to use’ was to design for. To view a full set of annotated wireframes for Iteration 5 please click here. Previous Iterations and Concept Models for reference below:

Iteration 4

Iteration 3

Iteration 2

Iteration 1

Concept Models 1 & 2

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